Church Offices and Ministries
July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2019


Elders: Don LeBlanc (Head), Dan Bellavance, Geoffrey Cummings, Warner McClure


Deacons: Kevin Paige (Head), Owen Cummings, Greg Lancey, Brandon Lamphear, Ty Rolland, Steve Smead, Kirk Strassberger, Leonard Wright; Asst. Deacon: Josh Rolland


Deaconesses: Cathy Chartier (Head), Cynthia Craig, Jody Paige, Sue Lancey, Lanette Wright; Asst. Deaconess: Kelsey Paige


Treasurer: Geoffrey Cummings, Greg Lancey (Asst.), Don LeBlanc (Asst.)


WJLP 92.1 Radio Committee: Warner McClure (Pres.), Don LeBlanc (V-Pres.), Barbara Rolland, Ida Sanborn


Church Board: Elders, Head Deacon, Head Deaconess, Clerk, Treasurer, Personal Ministries, Community Service, Finance Committee


Clerk: Sue LeBlanc, Don LeBlanc (Asst.)


Good Apple Food Store: Kathy Thompson


Bags of Love: Sue Lancey


Personal Ministries: Danielle Young


Bulletin Secretary: Sue Trecartin, Geoffrey Cummings (Asst.), Don LeBlanc (Asst.)


Communications: Sue Trecartin


Sabbath School Superintendent: Laura Hill


Adult Sabbath School: Geoffrey Cummings, Don LeBlanc, Warner McClure, Rick Owen


Children’s Sabbath School:

  Earliteen/Youth: Kirk & Uli Strassberger

  Juniors: Laura Hill

  Primary: Lynette Wright

  Beginners/Kindergarten: Joann Cummings, Jody Paige, Sue LeBlanc, Sue 

  Substitutes: Dan Bellavance, Cynthia Craig, Sue Lancey


Vacation Bible School: Kevin Paige (Head), Jody Paige (Asst.), Helpers: Sue Lancey, Sue LeBlanc, Sue Trecartin


Community Service: Kevin Paige, Helpers: Sue LeBlanc, Sue Trecartin


Card Ministry: Ida Sanborn, Leah McClure


Prayer Coordinators: Cynthia Craig, Nancy Cutler, Sue LeBlanc


Greeters: Brandon Lamphear, Greg & Sue Lancey, Kevin Paige


Music Committee: Warner McClure (interim)


Social Committee: Joann Cummings, Danielle Young


Sound Room/Audio: Simeon Kroll, Ricky & Nate Owen, Don LeBlanc (Mentor)


Senior Ministry (not active yet): Leader/Asst.?, Dave Callahan (visit); Cathy Charter (meal); Laura Hill (tea) Sue Lancey (meal/visit); Ida Sanborn (tea/trans); Geoffrey Cummings, Don LeBlanc (trans/visit); Jody Paige, Danielle Young (tea/meal/visit); Sue Trecartin (tea/meal/trans/visit)


Pathfinders: (not filled at present)


A Bit About Some of Our Ministries


WJLP-LP 92.1 FM Christian Radio broadcasts 24-7 in the Barre and surrounding area. Programming features the 3ABN network.

--We walk in the July Barre Heritage Festival parade and host a booth to spread the good news.

--We plunge into East Long Pond in our November Goosebump Jump to raise funds. It’s a fun church activity, too.


The Good Apple Food Store is located at 521 North Main Street in Barre, across from Cumberland Farms,where you'll find a good selection of canned and frozen vegetarian offerings. Look for Distinctive Touch Salon's sign.  Call 802-476-0856 for information. 
Store hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm and Friday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.


Table Talk

Pastor Tim Raymond began this open dialogue opportunity in March 2018 to give all who would like to a chance to ask questions, raise issues, discuss principles – bring all faith-related topics – in a friendly, Bible-centered forum. Table Talk continues with leaders from our membership. We meet in the building next to our church at 2:00 pm on Sabbath afternoons unless noted in the Bulletin and on the Calendar that it’s postponed. We have been video taping these and they can be found on youtube at "Barre Table Talk." The Home Page has a sample link.


Community Service includes:
--monthly meals for the residents at the Good Samaritan Haven in Barre 3rd Sunday 6pm
--annual community Thanksgiving Dinner
--sponsored families for Christmas
--community needs as they arise


Bags of Love
Quilt-making takes place once a month on Sabbath afternoon in a space donated by Leahy Press. Bags with quilts and age-appropriate supplies are delivered periodically to the local Department of Children and Families (DCF).